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Are you looking to arrange pet transport to Australia? Several factors go into a move down under for dogs and cats, including proper paperwork, health requirements, and a 180-210 day preparation period. Being organized and knowledgeable is key.

Importing dogs and cats to Australia (no other pets are currently allowed) begins with planning and ensuring your pet has an implanted microchip and a rabies vaccination. You'll need to work with a USDA accredited vet (if arriving from the United States) to complete several steps, one of which is completing and submitting a FAVN report form. Note that all pets will spend at least 10 nights in Australia's approved government quarantine facility upon arrival in Australia.

Before bringing dogs to Australia, help them acclimate to their travel crate to reduce anxiety during the trip and work with your vet to align all necessary vaccinations. (Cats should be crate trained as much as possible, as well.)

Take the stress out of bringing pets to Australia by relying on the expertise of PetRelocation Specialists, who can guide you step by step through the intricate process.

Relocation Info According to Species

Overview: Regulations for Importing Pets to Australia

Attention: Precise regulations vary from country to country, so be sure to double check with the appropriate authorities or with your PetRelocation Consultant to find the most current and accurate information available.


All pets entering Australia must have a microchip implanted prior to travel. The microchip must be implanted before the rabies titer test is administered.

Rabies and Other Tests

All pets relocating to Australia must undergo a Rabies Antibody Titer Test at least three to four weeks after receiving an inactivated rabies vaccination. This blood test, which ensures the vaccine has provided your pet with adequate levels of the rabies antibody, must be reviewed at an approved lab.

Dogs and cats must undergo additional treatments and blood tests before departure.


Once your pet has completed the required waiting period in preparation for their move, they will have a required 10 night stay at the Mickleham Quarantine Facility in Melbourne. This is the only quarantine facility in Australia and visitation during your pet’s stay is not allowed. We can assist in arranging special dietary and/or medical needs while in quarantine if needed.


Additionally, an Import Permit and special export documentation are required. PetRelocation will take care of this on your behalf.

Other Animals

Note: Only dogs and cats may be imported to Australia at this time (birds, rabbits, etc. are unfortunately not allowed).

Learn more about how PetRelocation can provide step-by-step guidance through the process of importing pets to Australia.

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