Pet Travel from Brazil to Australia: Deco and Sprite’s Story

The process of moving to Australia from a "non-approved" country like Brazil can seem daunting, but one family managed to turn it into an adventure. While fulfilling the import requirements for transiting through the United States, Deco and Sprite toured the country in an RV, and then PetRelocation helped them finish the journey to Australia. Here are some words from their mom about the experience!

moving with multiple pets to australia

I’m very satisfied with PetRelocation and recommend it to everyone! Linda Smith and Maegan Covelli did an awesome job. We felt very secure in every step of the process.

My dogs arrived safe and sound in Australia. I could not be any happier. We are in a small flat right now, but we already found a nice place to call home. We’re moving to this house in the first week of January and I think the dogs will love it since it has a nice backyard!

Thank you for the amazing job!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Juliana
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Mixed breed
Pet Names: Deco and Sprite
From: Brazil
To: Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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