Pet Travel to Australia from “Non-Approved” Countries

This post was most recently updated on February 10, 2021
Please note: Australia's only pet quarantine facility is at max capacity and does not have any availability for pets arriving until July 2021

If you're moving to Australia with your pets, your country of origin is an important factor. If you're planning to travel with a pet to Australia from a “non-approved” country (here's the list of country categories), you'll need to be aware of the differences compared to countries considered approved. 

Here's  a list of extra steps you'll need to take if you're traveling from a non-approved country, according to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture:

  • Your pet will need to get their rabies vaccine and titer test in their country of origin. This test must be administered by a registered vet and the blood must be tested in a lab recognized by DAFF with passing results. 
  • The pet will then need to travel to an approved country, where a second blood sample must be collected from the animal. The rabies antibody titer must be tested at a laboratory recognized by the competent authority of that country at least 10 days prior to export to Australia. The second RNAT test must also record a rabies antibody titre of at least 0.5 IU/m. The pet must remain in this approved country for at least 60 days prior to export to Australia. 
  • Immediately after the blood sample is taken for the second RNAT test, an approved inactivated rabies vaccine must be given to the animal in the approved country.
Candy and her family moved to Australia from Brazil
Candy moved from Brazil, a non-approved country, to Australia in 2019


If your cat or dog is in a non-approved country, and you would like them to spend the required 60 days in the United States, PetRelocation can assist in their relocation. To learn more about moving pets to Australia, including the costs included, please see our guide: Everything You Need to Know About Moving Cats and Dogs to Australia. If you have any further questions about this process, contact us. We'd love to help you! 


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