About Us

The experts who will make your pet's move happen

Why We're Here

At PetRelocation, we believe that a pet’s travel experience matters just as much as their owner’s. Since 2004, we’ve worked out of our office in Austin, Texas (with our furbabies by our sides) to guide thousands of families through the entire pet relocation process—from the initial planning to happy reunions in their new homes. 

When it comes to pet transport, you and your pet will get what you pay for. Our experienced destination experts know the ins and outs of moving pets and have relationships with trusted partners all over the globe. PetRelocation is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and trains hundreds of partners on best practices annually. 

Our mission is bold: We’re reimagining how pets move around the world. 

What We Do 

PetRelocation guides pets and their people through the often complicated process of moving—both domestically and internationally. From navigating regulations and paperwork to facilitating travel logistics, we make the journey as painless as possible, giving you the freedom to relocate without fear. We're a full-service pet travel agency, meaning we don’t assist with one-off tasks like booking a flight or filling out a travel document. We take our responsibility extremely seriously and only work with clients who hire us to oversee the entire pet relocation process so that we can ensure a safe and happy pet move.

Who We Are

When you hire PetRelocation, you will be paired with an expert relocation coordinator who will be your point of contact from the day you pay your deposit until the happy moment you reunite with your pet at your final destination. Meet our team of pet-loving experts:

The PetRelocation Team

Our Team

What Sets Us Apart


Deep Experience

We've seen it all in the 17+ years we’ve been in business. Each year, we move thousands of pets to more than 150 countries. We keep up with the ever-changing import rules and airline regulations, so you don’t have to. And if there’s something we don’t know, we know where to look to figure it out. 

Quality Over Quantity

We want every pet and family to have the best possible relocation experience. It’s why we ring a giant chime in the office every time a pet and its people are reunited! And it’s why we limit the number of moves we manage each month. 

Full-Service Support

From ensuring proper veterinary requirements are met to completing import applications and determining flight routing, we manage every step and update you along the way. Our prices reflect the high level of care and service we provide.  

A Top-Notch Team

Our employees truly care about animals. We have pets in the office. We volunteer at rescues. We donate to pet-related causes. And our teams are destination-specific, so you benefit from a focused team with regional knowledge.

A Trusted Network

PetRelocation is a high-touch business that requires trained and certified people to move pets long distances. We’ve built personal relationships with trusted vendor partners worldwide—and we ensure that the people we hire to help move your pets meet standards that foster safe pet transport. Some of our clients’ highest praises reference our partners across the world, who are essential to making these journeys possible. 

A Lot of Love  

We build strong relationships with our clients. Some still send us pictures of their pets long after they’ve moved. We always communicate clearly and honestly because no move is guaranteed to go completely according to plan. We’ll keep you updated and informed through each step of the process. 

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