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MacBeth and Tibeault’s Move to Hong Kong

Thanks to Joe and Ivy for sharing their move and their story with us!My wife and I decided to move from the US to Hong Kong in early 2017.Initially, we thought about carrying our two pets, Tibeault (cat) and…

Pet Move of the Month: Mandy’s Relocation to Malaysia

Thanks to Mandy's owner for sharing this great update about their relocation to Penang, Malaysia, and congratulations to our featured Move of the Month!When my wife, Patti, and I decided to relocate from Atlanta, GA to Penang, Malaysia,…

Dog Transport to the US From the UK: Phoebe’s Move

Thanks to Phoebe's owner for sharing this post-move update with us!Catie Cox was the first person I spoke with. She was very responsive and without exception got back to me right away with any questions I had. And…

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