Shipping Cats to the UK: Haru and Koan Move to the UK

Shelby moved to the UK with her pets in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Sounds pretty stressful, right? Luckily PetRelocation was there to help. Here's her story. 

Using PetRelocation was amazing from start to finish, and took so much stress off of my move to the UK. Alexis was an incredibly helpful and sweet person. She kept me in the loop at all stages of the process.

I honestly can’t begin to fathom orchestrating this part of our move on my own with the unpredictability of this pandemic on top of traveling overseas being as complicated as it is on its own. Once we were finally to our home in Bristol, I couldn’t help but get a little emotional because all of the pieces fell together so perfectly, and so much of that was due to how helpful you guys were throughout the whole process. 

If you're planning your big move, let us know how we can help! And make sure to follow us on Instagram to see our daily dose of cuties! 


PetRelocation Team


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