Cat Travel Spotlight: Moving Merlin to Australia

Even if all of the details are planned with care, travel plans can change in an instant. When pet owners face the unexpected, our team works hard to make sure those hiccups are handled and plans modified in the best possible way.

Here's what Mary had to say about her experience moving her cat, Merlin, to Australia from the United States.


Cat has relocated from the United States to AustraliaLinda was no less than amazing!  She calmly and confidently walked us through last-minute changes we had to make to our plans due to two serious medical situations and a death in the family which all occurred during the time our cat was to depart for Australia.

Within a very short period of time she had rescheduled everything and even helped us with finding a place to kennel our cat should we not be able to depart when planned.  She was rock steady for us when we couldn't be.  We had one slight issue when Merlin's papers slipped through a gap in the elevator at the airport.  Linda immediately got involved in locating her papers and started a "plan B" should they be unable to be recovered.  

Fortunately, a security guard was able to recover the documents and the trip proceeded as scheduled.  I was glad we had put our contact information on the kennel with a sharpie. Linda faithfully sent updates along the way and the staff at Mickleham sent us pictures, which was quite comforting.

Merlin the cat moved to Australia

The new plan she put together worked out perfectly and our cat, Merlin, arrived in Australia on schedule and in very good condition. She was in need of some grooming but otherwise was quite undisturbed about her 10-day stay at Mickleham and her flights from the US to Melbourne and from Melbourne to Brisbane. We were surprised to see her act quite at home within a couple of hours! Of course, her litter box and food/water areas were set up and waiting for her arrival.

We are so pleased to have her with us and so grateful to Linda at PetRelocation for making it happen!  We will definitely use their services to get her back to the States when the time comes.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Mary
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: Maine Coon
Pet Name: Merlin
From: USA
To: Australia

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