Linda Smith

​Senior International Relocation Coordinator

“Managing pet travel is unpredictable. I always allow for the possibility that something could change and need to be reworked -- this keeps me on my toes and ready for anything.”

Linda is originally from the northeast and relocated herself here in 2009. When not relocating pets down under, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, going on adventures, taking photos, going to the movies, and seeing live music.

Linda and her beau recently added a Blue Merle named Ranger to their family, and they also have a 7-year-old Corgi named Paisley, who was adopted in 2010 after surviving Parvo. 

A PetRelocation team member since 2014, Linda has moved pets all over the world and helped to build the Australia process for relocating pets.

One of her favorite moves was two Dobermans to Australia, which involved one pet discovering an underlying health issue during the necessary pre-move testing. With this new knowledge and resulting treatments, the dog's owner said he has now become a happier and livelier dog.

Linda currently focuses on helping dogs and cats move to Australia and New Zealand.

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