Pet Travel Spotlight: Pretzel’s Move to Australia

Have questions or concerns about your pet's move down under? Our Australia team is here for you! Read what Pretzel's owner had to say about her experience working with PetRelocation on her pup's recent relocation from Michigan to Victoria, Australia. 

shipping dogs to Australia Meagan Covelli and Linda Smith have been helping me. Maegan responded to my every concern for the months leading up to my contract signing. It was her kindness that convinced me PetRelocation was the service I needed.

Linda was very kind, prompt, and understanding of all of my fears and anxieties. While I was in Australia and Pretzel in the US, Linda was an absolute gem in coordinating communications between me and our vet. She kept in contact the entire journey, I’m convinced she didn’t sleep until Pretzel arrived in Melbourne.

Absolutely incredible team, I really appreciate everyone’s kindness and expertise.


shipping dogs to Australia   bringing pets to Australia

Pet Travel Details:

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Dachshund
Pet Name: Pretzel
From: Michigan, USA
To: Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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