Dog Travel Spotlight: Bringing Oliver to Australia

In every interaction with an employee of PetRelocation, people are given the chance to write to our CEO about their experience. Here's a recent note that made us smile -- congratulations to Oliver and his family on their successful move to Australia! shipping dogs to australia

Dear CEO of PetRelocation,

We are writing to you in praise of your entire team, in particular, the few employees we had the pleasure of directly communicating with via e-mail.

My partner, Patricia, and I were initially contacted by Sara McKnight in April 2017. Shortly after, we were handed over to Maegan Covelli. In June 2017 we were then handed over to Nina Faber who took care of Oliver and us until delivery.

Nina was extraordinarily organised and attentive during this six month period. She would keep us updated on progress and approaching deadlines, making every reasonable effort to stay on schedule.

Oliver’s move from Puerto Rico was made particularly difficult due to Hurricane Irma and more significantly Hurricane Maria. Communications were limited, our vet barely reachable, Patricia’s mum’s movement’s unpredictable, and delivery of temperature-sensitive vaccinations unreliable.

Nina’s genuine concern about Oliver’s safety and comfort had a significant calming effect on Patricia and me. Personally, this part of your service is what we consider the most valuable and rare. It was lovely having Oliver with us for Christmas. It was remarkable that during one of our most stressful and helpless periods, that we were still made to feel confident everything would be just fine.

Despite all uncontrollable hiccups, Nina and your team were able to ensure Oliver was delivered to our door the exact same day as was planned 8 months prior.

moving to australia with pets

Patricia and I will be sure to keep an eye out for any of our friends or colleagues planning on moving one of their beloved smaller family members. PetRelocation will be receiving our unreserved recommendation.

We hope this praise reaches all who played a part in uniting our family for the first of our many more Happy Christmas’ together. They must each know that they are amazing, appreciated, and we hope they continue to spread the same happiness they have given to Oliver, Patricia, and me.


Oliver, Patricia, and Michael


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PetRelocation Team


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