Pet Move of the Month: Metgot Moves to Japan!

When living with a military family, you travel a lot. And this goes for pets, too! When this big boy's family was planning their move to Japan, his parents called PetRelocation. Moving to Asia during a pandemic wasn't easy, but now everyone is reunited. See what they said about working with us in this month's spotlight! 

Tell us about your pup, Metgot. What’s his personality like & how did he join your family?

Metgot is our 5-year-old American Bulldog who thinks he’s a teacup. He is a sweet boy who loves people but forgets how big he is. He hates the sound of a doorbell but will keep you safe if you ever get attacked by a vacuum. We adopted him in 2015, and we love him so much! 

Metgot, the gentle giant.

Metgot is a unique name. What does it mean, and where did it come from?

Metgot in our language is a Chamorro word that means strong, powerful. If you met him in person, you would say it suits him well.

How did you hear about PetRelocation, and what made you decide to hire a professional pet shipping company?

I came across PetRelocation on the military spouse's page. After doing my research through your website I immediately sent an email and got a response the next day. Metgot was bumped off the patriot express last minute, so we had to scramble to find someone to assist us with this Oconus PCS.


COVID-19 has turned the whole world upside down, and pet travel is no exception. Did COVID-19 make you need to rearrange any of Metgot’s plans?

This pandemic has made us change our plans a few times.  We had to leave earlier than expected, and finding a boarding facility & pet relocating company while pressed for time was challenging.

Regarding paperwork and import requirements, Japan is not the simplest country to move a pet to. Did the PetRelocation team help put your mind at ease in making this complicated process a little less stressful?

YES! Evelyn was hands down such a pleasure to work with! PetRelocation kept us updated with even the smallest details and always answered any questions or concerns we had. The PetRelocation Team definitely made this process smooth sailing. I would without a doubt recommend them to our strangers, family, and friends!

You had to travel ahead of your pet—did you feel that your furbaby was in safe hands? How long were you separated?

Not only did we have to travel ahead of Metgot but due to the pandemic, I was stuck stateside for over a month while the husband went ahead before me. We found a safe boarding facility to help care for Metgot for over two months until the time arrived for him to travel through the services of PetRelocation. With all three of us in different places, PetRelocation took great care of Metgot and kept us updated through phone calls, emails, and pictures!

Anything else you’d like to add?

We want to convey our utmost appreciation to the amazing PetRelocation team from Dallas to Tokyo.  We could not have done this without you, and thank you for reuniting us with our baby!


If your family is planning a big trip and need assistance, let us know how we can help! 


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