Employee Spotlight: Evelyn Pearl

No two pet moves are alike thanks to ever-changing country and airline rules, but our experienced team members are happy to stay up to speed in order to provide top-notch experiences for our clients. Evelyn, one of our senior relocation consultants, has moved all kinds of pets all over the world. As one of our most senior consultants, Evelyn has really seen it all! 

So, let's take a moment to get to know Evelyn a little better in this week's employee spotlight on Evelyn Pearl! 

Why did you decide to apply to PetRelocation?

At the time, I was working at a busy veterinary clinic in South Austin. After a few years, I decided it was time to try something new. I didn’t have a specific career path in mind. I just knew I loved working with people and pets! When I saw the posting for PetRelocation, I knew it was a perfect fit. In fact, I didn’t apply anywhere else.

What is one of your favorite pet move stories?

Last year, my colleague Kelcey and I helped organize our very first pet relocation to Nepal in over four years! As if relocations to Nepal weren’t logistically complicated already, the family had two adorable French Bulldogs. Because of the airline restrictions on snub-nosed breeds, we had to import them into Korea first and transfer to Kathmandu from there—two entirely separate relocations with two very different import procedures. Thanks to our planning and experience, Blue Rain and Oreo made it without a hitch!

Evelyn and her babyEvelyn, sales consultant at petrelocaion
Senior consultant, Evelyn Pearl!


What are a few typical roadblocks people encounter and how can working with PetRelocation make the experience a smooth one?

We all expect travel to go smoothly. It’s easy to get this impression while researching pet relocation online. Although we organize many smooth, problem-free relocations every day, overseas moves are complicated and a lot can go wrong. Even the most experienced veterinarians can make mistakes during crucial appointments, flights get canceled, and import requirements change. We’re valuable precisely because of the unpredictable nature of pet travel. We’re here to manage these obstacles as they arise and make adjustments with realistic contingency plans. One little change can completely derail an existing move in an instant, but our coordinators are there to address even the most complex problems! 

Tell Us about your own pets! What are their names and how did you meet?

I have two small mixed breed dogs VV and Olive. I adopted VV in 2009 from the Pasadena Humane Society in California. She’s an old, grumpy Pekingese and mostly keeps to herself, but as long as she lets me squish her occasionally she’s here to stay. My husband and I adopted Olive from Austin Animal Center in 2013. She’s a chihuahua mix and very energetic—she can go on 2 ½ hour hikes in the Austin heat and come home with the zoomies.

Evelyn's dogs, Olive and VV 

We are all about travel here at PetRelocation HQ. What is your favorite destination you've ever traveled to?

My husband and I took an unbelievable two-week trip to Japan in 2018. I never felt much of a connection to my Japanese heritage, so I wanted to learn more about the culture of my grandparents and great grandparents. It was an incredible journey and we’ve already made a solemn promise to revisit in the next 10 years. In the meantime, we’d love to visit China, Hong Kong, and Korea as well.

senior sales consultant Evelyn Pearl on vacation in Japan
Evelyn's trip to Japan! 


What brought you to Austin, Texas?

I moved from L.A. to Austin in 2010 after college. I grew up in Southern California and was itching for something new. Austin brought me a much-needed change of pace.

Evelyn at the grand canyon
Evelyn, yogi at the Grand Canyon


Speaking of Austin, who do you think makes the best tacos?

Lately, my husband and I have really been into the Taco de Verduras and Taco de Hongos at El Tacorrido. They have the best vegetarian tacos in the city.

Let’s say Hollywood is making a movie about your life. Who plays you?

I’ve heard a few people say I remind them of Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Thanks, Evelyn!
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