Traveling with Dogs to the UK: Zoey’s Journey

Moving during a pandemic isn't ideal, but it's not impossible! Zoey and her family are proof. Here's their story! 

I decided to take a new position in another country. Previously, we had managed everything with a prior pet move. But with COVID, we didn't want to risk anything going wrong. Our dog, Zoey, means the world to us. PetRelocation was very helpful in navigating what flights she could be on. and what was needed. The support given was very helpful. They provided check-ins to make sure everything was on track every step of the way. When Zoey arrived in the UK - the point person contacted us about the delays in Zoey clearing customs and what else to expect. We never had to wonder what was happening with Zoey's travels. 


We were very grateful to have this support in moving as it was one less thing to think about with everything going on in the pandemic. Zoey now gets to enjoy the UK once we get out of quarantine.  Thank you so much for all your support! 

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