Shipping Guinea Pigs to the UK: Cesario’s Story

While the majority of the pets we move are cats and dogs, that doesn't mean we aren't prepared to help with pets of all species. Cesario, the guinea pig, moved from New York to the United Kingdom with our help! Here's what his parents had to say about working with PetRelocation.

We hired PetRelocation to help with my guinea pig's move to the UK, and this proved SUCH a great decision!

We had unexpected flight cancellations due to a snow storm on Cesario's day of travel. This would have added immense stress to an already stressful process, but the rebookings were handled seamlessly and efficiently by our coordinator Jill. It's often difficult to find pet services that give the same amount of care to a little guinea pig as they do to dogs and cats, but I felt that Cesario was well cared for every step of the way. 

What a great story! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see new pictures of our furry friends every day. And if you're planning a move and need help, let us know


PetRelocation Team





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