Charlotte and Rafa Move to London!

The US and The UK. They say we're two countries separated by a common language, but know what else there is? A big ocean! That ocean can be tricky to get your pets across. We helped this adorable duo, Charlotte & Rafa, make that journey last year. Their mom, Pia, was kind enough to send us the following note about their journey! 

Moving is stressful. Moving internationally more so. Add pets to the mix, the anxiety levels rise a few more notches. Moving from New York to the UK with dogs, especially one of them being a pug is a thought that makes one want to pull one's hair out, cry bloody murder, throw in the towel, crawl under covers and wake up next year... 

I wanted our pug Charlotte and beagle/boxer mix Rafa to travel safely, so I read everything I could find about flying with dogs (pugs especially), the UK pet scheme, taking the train from France to the UK and even sailing transatlantic.  Always with the same frustrating result; I ended up even more confused and anxious.  I realized I needed help.  

My first phone call was with Catie, and she immediately had a calming effect on me.  She understood how I felt, was able to answer my questions and made me feel so much better about the whole process. 

Catie introduced me to Natalie, my Relocation Coordinator. Natalie was equally as understanding and made me feel my pups would be in good hands.  I left for London to set up our home, the dogs stayed behind with a friend and behind the scenes, Natalie did her magic with the insane paperwork needed for importing pets to the UK.

Natalie had emailed me their itinerary, a link to follow their flights and some comforting words. Finally, I received a text from PetRelocation's local agent saying 'they are on their way'!! I was literally standing at the window waiting for them!!!

Charlotte and Rafa are in good health. They are sleeping on the couch next to me as I write and I still can't believe they are in London safe and sound.  I could have never done this on my own. Not only the paperwork and navigating the confusing rules of the pet scheme, but more importantly the emotional support I got from the PetRelocation team got me through this challenging move.  We couldn't have been in better hands. Thank you again, Catie and Natalie and everyone who made sure Charlotte and Rafa made it safely to London!!



And thank YOU for allowing us to be part of your journey. We couldn't be happier to hear they are safe and sound. 
If you're ready to plan your move to the UK, or wherever life might take you, let us know! 



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