Navigating Moves During a Pandemic: Thunder’s Story

Thunder's family decided to move abroad, but then the pandemic hit! Things weren't easy, but with PetRelocation on the case, Thunder is now reunited with his family. 

PetRelocation was amazing from our first consultation over the phone. Everyone we spoke to over the whole process explained everything so clearly and answered all of our questions promptly. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, Thunder's flight was delayed by a week but PetRelocation made all of the rearrangements and reassured us with regular updates about Thunder's unexpected vacation in the kennels. We honestly couldn't recommend this company enough, especially considering how they navigated the extra complications caused by the pandemic. Thunder is back home safely and we are so grateful! Thank you!

If you're planning an international move, let PetRelocation help you navigate the process! 


PetRelocation Team


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