Moving Bulldogs to South Africa: Petunia’s Story

Petunia the French Bulldog made the nearly impossible move from the US to South Africa during a pandemic. It wasn't an easy move, but that's what we do! Here's the story of her amazing adventure!  

Moving around the world with a French Bulldog is no easy feat, but add in a global pandemic and it really ups the stress load. PetRelocation was amazing from the get-go, but our story really showed what an incredible service and incredible people work there.

This was our family’s first international move and having the 5th member of our family, our 6-year-old French Bulldog Petunia, join us was imperative. From the first conversation, they set me at ease. Our travel plans were very hectic since the borders of the country had been closed for several months and then it took some time for our arrival dates to be set. They were very patient with me as we tried to narrow down our travel window since we couldn’t have the dog arrive before us. As it were, she would stay behind with a dear friend for about 6 weeks. They were always clear about the communication and what was going to be needed from our vet for Petunia to have her paperwork set before her travel date. It is not an understatement that I was very stressed about this process and at times that came through in my communication with Rebecca and her team. She was always patient and kind as she walked me through again that our beloved dog would be well cared for and fine during her travel.

Things got very interesting about 10 days before she was about to travel. Flights to and from South Africa were getting canceled left and right because of COVID-19 issues. Our relocation specialist, Rebecca, was amazing, she let me know that it looked like Petunia’s flight would be canceled and then she somehow moved heaven and earth to get her on the LAST flight to Cape Town. I was given updates and photos every step of the way. I hadn’t told my children she would be arriving early since I was worried flights might get canceled again, so it was the best surprise when she was delivered to our door.

We will never use any other relocation service. This company was absolutely amazing. They care so much about the pets and clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If they can handle the drama around our move they can handle anything.

Thank you so much for entrusting us with Petunia's safety and comfort. We're so happy to see her beautiful face happy in her new home! If you're moving abroad, let us know how we can help! 


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