Moving Dogs to Australia: Candy’s Big Adventure

Wouldn't it be great if all moves were straight forward? Unfortunately, they are not. However! We are here to help! When Candy the pomeranian's parents needed to relocate from Brazil to Australia they realized they may need a little help. That's where we stepped in! Here's their story.

Really grateful for the service provided by pet relocation from the beginning to the end! Staff very helpful, supportive and professional! Main contacts were Bill and Nina and both were incredibly great! bringing pomeranians to Australia

They explained every step by step, instructed everything as necessary. They provided guidance on documents, supplies, exams, travel arrangements…EVERYTHING! 

It was a long trip for Candy as we moved from Brazil to Australia, so it was not only the trip and import permit, but also some time staying in US in between. I am absolutely sure hiring PetRelocation was the best decision I made. Thank to you, thank you!  My family is now complete!

And thank YOU for letting us be part of this exciting time in your life! We are so happy we were able to help. 

Are you ready for your next exciting journey? Arrange your move here! 


PetRelocation Team


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