Australia Pet Move Pricing

PetRelocation Service Fees - $2,700 USD + Third-Party Costs

Australia is one of the most difficult destinations in the world to relocate pets. Each step in the process depends on the step before and affects the next, all eventually aligning to reunite you and your pet in Oz.

We are transparent with our fees and our process, and charge a flat rate of $2,700 USD for the first pet, and $500 USD for each additional pet moving to Australia. This does not include costs of travel, which can vary.

Below is an breakdown of our service fee and what is included in every move.

PetRelocation: Timeline & Tasks

  • Each of our moves are customized to fit the needs of our clients and their pets. From specialized diets to pre-existing conditions to pet temperament, we want to understand it all so we can tailor a plan specifically for your pet! You will have a dedicated Relocation Coordinator on our Australia team, specialized in pet moves to Australia, guiding you on best practices and expectations to prepare your pet for travel.
  • The process of moving a pet to Australia takes anywhere from 4-6 months and we are with you every step of the way. Most of our clients need to travel ahead of their pets, so we can communicate directly with a friend, family member, or trusted boarding facility to ensure the timeline is being met.
  • We will create (and continuously update) a personalized timeline for your pet’s target departure from first vet visit to delivery after quarantine.
  • Your pet’s travel crate is one of the most important aspects of its move and acclimating them to the correct crate can have the largest impact on their safety. We provide a travel crate assessment, measurement help, sourcing, consultation & recommendations for acclimation.

PetRelocation: Manage Veterinarian Requirements

Many vet clinics around the US are experiencing limited hours and staffing. This can lead to longer wait times to obtain properly formatted paperwork and records needed for your pet’s travel.

  • Does your pet have records in multiple locations? Is your veterinarian properly accredited? Are all required vaccinations in line with import and export regulations? There is a lot to consider.  Our first step will be to review your pet’s full medical and vaccination history, verifying what has been done and what we need to accomplish.
  • Next, we will provide your veterinarian with a complete, step by step guide for all upcoming vet visits and requirements. We will tell you (or your caretaker) when to take your pet to the vet and communicate with the vet what to do at these appointments.

Australia requires multiple tests, which typically results in 3-5 vet visits, all of which we will manage. Our team also provides sample documents to help ensure everything is properly filled out and signed the first time.

Our relocation coordinators manage an average of 190 vet visits per month, and stay up to date on regulatory changes so you and your vet don’t have to!

PetRelocation: Flight Booking

  • Routing to Australia is extremely limited during the pandemic. Pets must arrive into Australia as manifest cargo, which is very safe as long as your pet is healthy. They travel on their own airway bill which allows us to track them at every point of the journey, keeping you informed.
  • Currently, there are no direct flights from the US so we must arrange for a layover a pet hotel. Safety is our number one priority and we will ensure we are only booking with airlines who will treat your pet as precious!
  • Flights can only be booked between 21-30 days from departure, and you need a quarantine reservation to secure the flight.  We will coordinate with the airlines and quarantine to find the first available reservations. We will compile required photos and documentation to book flights and follow up on the OK to forward from the receiving country. Once booked, you will receive a confirmed flight itinerary. 

PetRelocation: Handling Government Paperwork

The USDA now requires that all documents be sent via mail to their office, and no longer accepts in person endorsements. This can delay the process of gathering the necessary documents to apply for your pet’s import permit.

  • We will review, reissue, and prepare government paperwork to meet import and export requirements.
  • There are important USDA endorsements required within your pet’s move that are extremely time sensitive. We will track courier handling and delivery of all completed required documents to/from the USDA to meet the required timeline.
  • Should paperwork be delayed, our team will work with your vet and the government to get new paperwork issued and endorsed so we can stay on track. You will receive a copy of endorsed paperwork and import permit once issued, which are valid for a year.

PetRelocation: Quarantine Booking

Mickleham Quarantine is currently operating with 50% staff at 50% capacity to adhere to COVID safety regulations. Quarantine reservations currently need to be made 3-4 months in advance to secure space and can take up to a month to be fully confirmed. This factors heavily into determining the earliest available departure date for your fur baby.

  • Once we have a departure date for your pet, we will submit quarantine booking. The flight is not confirmed until we have a confirmed quarantine booking. Remember, flights can only be booked between 21-30 days from departure, and you need a quarantine reservation to secure the flight. 
  • We will monitor this situation and communicate with DAFF on your behalf to bookings.

PetRelocation: Contingency Planning & Research

In a normal year, we are up against temperature restrictions and airlines limiting cargo space. Now throw in a pandemic, limited number of government employees, reduced airline capacity, lockdowns… and well, that’s a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, our team are solution-seekers with a database of vendors worldwide who are trained in pet shipping!

  • When a delay effects your pet’s move timeline, we will rework your pet’s move and enact any contingency plans we have in place.
  • We are committed to staying on top of any embargoes or routing changes that can affect your pet’s move and keeping you updated with options.
  • During your pet’s move international airlines can increase their airfreight rates. It is important to be flexible as routing and costs change frequently. We will keep informed of ever-changing routing and requirements and come up with new solutions as needed.
  • Getting pets reunited with families right now is tricky. The key to overcoming these challenges is having flexibility with your pet’s departure, preparing for costs to change, and hiring an expert to manage this process for your pet!

PetRelocation: Coordinate Travel Day

  • Due to the timeframe and details required to export a pet to Australia, we will take care of the final vet visit, tapeworm treatments and USDA endorsement process with our trusted agents. This is typically a 3 day process including boarding at our local facility (either JFK or LAX). We will manage each step and entity involved in the preparation and during their move. We will track your pet at each point of their journey, sending photos, and keeping you informed of the process.
  • During check in, our partners will be on the ground making sure they are handled correctly, have freshwater and ready for tender. We will manage check-in procedures, TSA security screening & clearance for departure. You can expect to hear a status update from us upon successful check in and departure.
  • Once your pet arrives, we will coordinate all of the post-arrival arrangements directly with the quarantine facility. This ensures your pet clears customs and completes the airport/quarantine inspection. We will also manage any special arrangements or circumstances needed during their quarantine stay such as vet visits, lost paperwork, or specialized diet.

Each Additional Pet - $500

$2,700 USD covers the first pet in the family. Any additional pets traveling, will be subject to an additional $500 per pet which accounts for increased time spent completing the services above.

Third-Party Costs - $5,135 - $16,225 USD

Each of our moves are customized to fit the needs of our clients and their pets. Below is an estimate of costs for moving one pet to Australia. Please also keep in mind the costs below are just estimate ranges, as many factors have a significant impact on cost, including; pet size, origin location, proximity to airport hubs, breed, timeframe or boarding fees. If you'd like a more accurate quote, please let us know. 

Costs for 1 Small Pet Estimate Range
Domestic Air Travel* $900 - $6,500 USD*
International Airfreight $3,300 - $4,500 USD
Transit Services $960 - $1,400 USD
Government Paperwork $675 USD
Quarantine  in Melbourne $1,400 USD (per pet)
Destination Delivery $400 - $750 USD
Travel Crate $150 USD
Total Estimate of Costs $5,135 - $8,825 USD




*If domestic air travel is unavailable, our private ground transportation starts at $2,500 USD.

Costs for 1 Large Pet Estimate Range
Ground Transportation $2,500 - $6,500 USD
International Airfreight $3,300 - $4,500 USD
Transit Services  $960 - $1,400 USD
Government Paperwork $675 USD
Quarantine  in Melbourne $1,400 USD
Destination Delivery $450 - $950 USD
Travel Crate $300 - $800 USD
Total Estimate of Costs $9,585 - $16,225 USD

Please note in moving multiple pets, costs will increase due to additional airfare, government fees, transit services, etc., however, the total cost will not be doubled.

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