How Does The Pricing Breakdown?

There are two types of costs that are factored into our quotes: the direct costs and our service fees. The direct costs, or third-party costs come directly from items like the required documentation, the airline, the quarantine facility, etc. Our service fee is what is charged on top of these direct costs to ensure your pet’s relocation is successful.

For US Exports, the total of your pet's move would be our PetRelocation Service Fees at $2,500 USD + costs. 

Our PetRelocation Service Fees - $2,500 USD

( +$500 each additional pet)

Each relocation is assigned to a dedicated team of professionals who spend hours overseeing and managing the steps required to ensure your pet’s move is successful. Here is an extensive itemization of services you will enjoy once you formally engage our help.

Stage 1 - Pet Preparation 

  • Point of contact available to answer questions and concerns
  • Provide export (departure) & import (arrival) requirements
  • Preparation guidance and best practices on your pet's customized move plan
  • Review your current needs for travel crate & supplies
  • Ensure proper crate training and acclimation is being completed
  • Review vaccination records

Stage 2 - Manage Travel Requirements

  • Create your vaccination timeline based on data collected from review
  • Manage any corrections, reformatting or editing needed to records
  • Prepare government paperwork for USDA Endorsement
  • Provide a pre-populated health certificate example
  • Obtain export and import permits (if needed)
  • Determine your pet's logistical plan (third-party costs will be reconfirmed at this time)

Stage 3 - Relocation Logistics

  • Confirm logistical plan for your pet's relocation needs 
  • Vet guidance for the international health certificate appointment
  • Arrange, coordinate and pay for USDA Endorsements
  • Ensure paperwork gets endorsed by the USDA
  • Arrange, coordinate and manage any hired third party service providers
  • Arrange, coordinate and manage manifest cargo flight booking
  • Provide final travel itinerary, including tracking links and important contacts
  • Contingency planning and updating of logistical plan as needed (with cost approval)

Stage 4 - Relocation Day

  • Guidance prior to your pet's travel day!
  • Manage logistical plan & service partner communication
  • Manage service partners at origin & departure airport
  • Manage airline check in services and custom clearance
  • Airline & airway bill tracking links for pet’s journey
  • Manage service partners at arrival airport & final destination
  • Provide status updates and remain accessible for any issues that arise
  • Give resources of what to expect when your pet arrives

Direct Costs (or Third-Party Costs) - starting at $1,950 USD +

Please keep in mind the costs below are just estimate ranges, as many factors have a significant impact on cost, including; pet size, origin location, proximity to airport hubs, breed, timeframe or boarding fees. If you'd like a more accurate quote, please let us know. 

Costs for 1 Pet Always Included Estimate Range Additional Information
Vet Appointments   $500 USD + The majority of our clients pay their vets directly for these appointments; which include examinations, vaccinations, bloodwork, health certificates, parasite treatments.. 
FedEx & USDA Fees X $226 - $250 USD Fees vary depending on the number of pets and treatments.
Travel Crate   $150 - $300 USD Hard-plastic crate used for small to medium sized pets.
Wooden Custom Crate   $1,000 - $1.500 USD Often required for large breeds like German Shepherds or Great Danes.
Long-Distance Ground Transport   $500 - $3,000 USD+ Sometimes required due to limited flight options or other restrictions.
Domestic Air Travel   $350 USD Sometimes required due to limited international flight options out of small airports.
Pickup from home or boarding facility   $250 - $500 USD Varies based on the location of pickup in proximity to airport.
Boarding   $30 - $50 USD Per day, per pet, depending on the facility 
Airport Check-in Services X $250 - $450 USD Within the metro area of a major international hub, like LAX, JFK, ORD, etc.
International Airfreight X $900 - $3,000 USD+ Varies widely depending on the flight being used and size of your pets.
Customs Clearance & Import Processing X $550 - $750 USD Varies depending on the flight being used and arrival time.
Destination Delivery   $250 - $500 USD Varies based on the location of delivery in proximity to airport.
Destination Fees   $150 USD+ Determined by the destination and can include import permit fees, dog license, quarantine, import taxes, etc.
Total Estimate of Costs   $1,850 USD +  

Please note in moving multiple pets, costs will increase due to additional airfare, government fees, transit services, etc., however, the total cost will not be doubled.

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