Ananda Holton

Senior International Relocation Coordinator

“My favorite part of a move is the reunion! Coordinating a relocation across the world requires a lot of factors and the most important one is being prepared for the unknown. Nothing feels better than when a client is happily reunited with their pet.”

While completing her MFA at Sarah Lawrence College, Ananda developed a soft spot for the city vibe and knew she wanted to continue living in one. Fast forward to 2017 and she was ready to experience the food, music, people, and creative atmosphere that Austin had to offer.

A 1,700-mile drive later— her rescue pit bull, Fallon, was in the backseat— and she’s more than happy with her decision to relocate from her native home in Pennsylvania. When not exploring the city, she’s traveling, watching scary movies, and looking for new recipes to try.  

You can learn more about Ananda on her Employee Spotlight here

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