Evelyn Pearl

​Senior Sales Consultant

Evelyn Pearl Headshot

“I love taking on a guiding role with my clients by presenting them with the facts and coming up with creative solutions that have their pets’ best interest in mind. Offering this sense of relief and peace of mind is very rewarding.”

Evelyn is a Los Angeles native who moved to Austin in 2010 to expand her horizons. She adopted VV, a Pekingese mix, and Olive, a Chihuahua mix, from shelters and they each take full advantage of their new, pampered lives! Evelyn, her husband, and their two dogs have built a brand new life for themselves and are generally enjoying the Austin lifestyle. In her spare time, Evelyn enjoys cooking decadent vegetarian food, yoga, and watching plenty of weird movies.

Read more about Evelyn on our blog.

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