Katy Payne

Senior Sales Consultant

“Every day I speak with other pet owners who just don’t want to leave members of their family behind when they move across the world. It makes me incredibly happy when I can put together plans that my clients thought were impossible!”

Katy is from a small hill country town in Texas. She moved to Austin for school and graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in history and Arabic. After four years in this beautiful city, she fell in love with the people, music, and amazing food. When she is not creatively planning out moves to Australia and New Zealand, she is likely speaking with everyone she comes across about silly stories and movies.

Katy has two pups, a border collie/lab mix named Marty. He is the sweetest boy and has been working very hard on his social skills since being adopted 6 years ago. Katy also has a Pit Bull named August who loves to cuddle and play fetch. They love playing tag at dog parks and hiding each other’s toys around the house. Both are guilty of a chewed pair of shoes in their lifetimes.

Read more about Katy on our blog.

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