Lindsey Rose

International Relocation Coordinator

“My favorite part of working at PetRelocation is keeping families together and reuniting them all around the world. I love the challenge of learning not only about airline travel for various kinds of pets, but also learning about different cultures and government regulations to import and export them. ”

Although she was born in the Midwest, Lindsey has grown up in the South and currently resides near Nashville, Tennessee. A.K.A: Music City! Professionally, Lindsey has only ever worked in the animal industry. From zoos to pet food companies, she loves that she has now found such a unique but important role at PetRelocation.

While not at work, you will find Lindsey spending time with her dogs, Cami and Toby, writing, hiking, advocating for bully breeds, and finding a creative outlet through crafting and sewing. Her travel bucket lists usually involve natural wonders and wildlife over cities and buildings.  

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