2011 Top 10 Dog-Friendly US Cities

We know that more and more people are choosing to travel with pets these days, and now DogFriendly.com has released a list of the top dog-friendly cities in the US. Portland, Chicago and San Francisco grabbed the top three spots, and selections were based on the availability of pet-friendly accommodations, beaches, parks, stores, dining and more.

We're happy to see that Austin, TX (home of PetRelocation.com) came in at #7, and aren't surprised that New York, Minneapolis and Seattle are on the list as well. Did your city make the cut? Does information like this affect where you choose to travel?

Check out the whole list here to find out which cities are the most welcoming to pets, and happy traveling, everyone!

five office dogs
Five of our favorite dogs hanging out in pet-friendly Austin, TX


PetRelocation Team




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