6 Tips for Safe and Easy Fall Pet Travel

5 Tips for Safe and Easy Fall Pet TravelSmart Tips for 6 Fall Pet Travel Scenarios

Being a dedicated pet owner means being ready for anything.

No matter what the next few months hold for you, take a minute to look over our favorite travel tips for fall to help make sure your whole family stays safe and happy throughout this busy season.

International Pet Travel

As we've discussed in the past, November through January can be tricky times to arrange pet shipping due to high traveler volume and government office closures during the holidays.

If you do want to arrange pet travel during the holidays, contact us now to get started so that we can do our best to meet your needs and get your pet to your new home safely and smoothly.

Tip: Start planning early and prepare to be flexible.


Road Trips

If you're packing up the car and hitting the road, devote some time and planning towards your pet's comfort and safety. Do you have essentials like a water bowl, extra leash, flashlight, doggy bags, and all food or medicine your pet needs? Do you have a way to transport your pet safely, maybe with a travel crate or seat belt harness?

If you're going a long distance, you can also research and map out where all dog friendly rest areas and pet friendly hotels are located. Getting these details in order and keeping everyone's well-being in mind will help your time in the car as easy as possible.

Tip: Don't forget your pet's seat belt and accessories.


Vaccines and Microchips

No matter what your future travel plans are, it's always a good idea to keep pets up-to-date on their vaccines (rabies, bordetella for dogs, etc.) and to make sure the contact information associated with your pet's microchip is accurate. Staying on top of these will assist with planning smooth travel, and these are also good practices if you'll be staying peacefully at home for the next few months.

Tip: Stay current on vaccines and microchip info.


Tips for Safe Fall Pet Travel


In-Cabin Pet Travel

If you're traveling domestically with a small pet, it's likely you'll want to consider your in-cabin pet travel options. We suggest going straight to the airline for information (here is the United website discussing in-cabin options and fees, for example). Remember that if you have a larger pet or if you're traveling internationally, you'll want to research your manifest cargo options and consider hiring professional assistance with your move, as this will be a more complicated process.

Tip: Acquaint yourself with airline in-cabin pet policies.


Hosting Guests

Maybe you're not going anywhere but will be hosting visitors -- in this case, cover your bases by communicating clearly with your guests about acceptable treats for your pet, where pets are allowed and where they're not, and anything else they should know about your four-legged family members' habits and privileges.

Tip: Educate your guests about your pet's needs and quirks.



Sometimes you want to take quick trip out of town and you know your pet will be better off staying at home. Avoid stress by booking your pet sitter or boarding facility well in advance of when you'll be gone -- especially around Thanksgiving, it can be hard to find available care (and this is an area where you don't want to settle for a less than great option).

Tip: Book early!


Have a great Autumn, everyone! Need some help arranging safe pet travel? Contact us to discuss your options.


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