A Closer Look at Pet Travel: Canada Breed Restrictions

It can be tricky and time-consuming to keep up with all the latest pet travel rules and requirements, so when we run across some particularly helpful and specialized info, we love to share!

For example, if you were thinking of bringing a pit bull into or out of Canada anytime soon (particularly Ontario), there are several facts to take into account. We recently came across this handy site outlining some basic info about what is possible and what isn't, so we're happy to point the pet travel community in the right direction.

This resource covers public safety laws as well as owner responsibilities, possible exceptions and other details. We've previously discussed breed-specific legislation and pet travel, and as you can see, this continues to be a nuanced issue worthy of careful examination and intelligent discussion.

Nothing is better than being empowered with the correct pet travel information, so check back with us often to stay informed of the latest news. Also, don't be shy about sharing your own discoveries! Drop us a line via Facebook, Twitter or here on our blog. The more we all know, the smoother all our travels will be.

Happy traveling, everyone!


black and white pit bull
(Photo by stephskardal via Flickr)


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