A dog-loving actress relies on the kindness of strangers when flying the not-so-friendly skies

If you flew with your pet to BlogPaws and found yourself running into some of the anxieties of pet travel (like picking out the right type of pet travel carrier, making sure your health certificates are in order and oh yeah - getting to your plane in time for the flight!), you're in good company:  recently actress Minka Kelly, known for her role as Lyla Garrity on the  Austin-filmed TV show Friday Night Lights, ran into some trouble when she tried to fly from New York to Los Angeles with her dog in tow. Apparently her cockapoo's carrier didn't fit properly (Kelly was seated in first class), and she was told she couldn't fly.

Delta is a dog-friendly airline and Kelly had taken the proper steps to allow her 5-year-old pup on board, so what led to this snafu? It seems that Delta's planes aren't uniform in terms of storage space available,  so despite her preparations, this dog-devoted  celebrity was dealt some bad luck when little Chewie's kennel was too big for the space allowed.

Luckily, a kind-hearted passenger seated in coach - where the carrier could be properly accomodated - offered to switch seats with Kelly during take-off and landing so that she could stay close to the dog and remain on her flight.

So there you have it. Even glamorous celebrities can encounter problems when flying with their pets, proving that it's best to do lots of research before you hit the skies. Double check with your airline about any possible issues that could arise, have all paperwork in order, and, like this (unpleasantly) surprised actress did, always be ready to deal with a curveball or two.


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