A Growing Trend: Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

As we discovered when we completed our Summer Pet Travel Survey a few weeks ago, more and more people are traveling with their pets. Here at PetRelocation.com we primarily handle animal moves for families faced with long-term relocations, but it's clear that many people have the kind of well-behaved and adventure-happy pets that do well as vacation-companions, too.

Over at HomeAway.com, the site that lists thousands of vacation rentals around the world, it's clear that pets are beginning to register on the vacation accommodation radar. We recently checked out the Owner Community realm of the site and learned that many vacation rental owners are choosing to designate their properties as pet-friendly. Check out the video below ("Four-Legged Renters") to find out more about life as a pet-friendly vacation rental owner.

What this fun trend means for the vacation rental business and how it affects the vacation landscape as a whole are interesting issues that we plan to follow, and as always, we're happy to offer a host of free pet travel resources to help you arrive safely to your destination.

Happy traveling, pet lovers!



PetRelocation Team




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