A Rescue Story from the ASPCA: Transporting Pets to a Happy Ending

Since there's nothing like a puppy mill rescue story to brighten a Friday afternoon, we thought we'd bring your attention to the admirable efforts of a few animal lovers willing to help where they were needed.

It all started in mid-October, when the Central Dakota Humane Society raided a puppy mill in North Dakota. They seized 129 dogs, many of whom were sick and malnourished, which filled their shelter to capacity and forced them to leave about 60 dogs behind. They contacted the ASPCA for help in finishing the rescue, and soon a connection was made with Colorado's Humane Society of Boulder Valley.
The shelter workers in Colorado were willing to take some of the dogs but had no way to transport them, so the ASPCA stepped in and offered the use of their custom-built animal transport vehicle.

Under safe and appropriate conditions, the ASPCA supports the transporting of animals from overcrowded shelters to facilities with available space. Moving dogs and cats from one place to another brings diversity to shelters across the nation and can minimize instances of euthanasia, and in this case it's easy to see that animal transport indeed saves lives.

All in all, this was a job well done by everyone involved. Through team work and generosity, dozens of dogs have been saved and a wonderful example has been set. Check out ASPCA's web site to find out more about animal transport and rescue.


PetRelocation Team




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