“Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet” Week: Lars the Tuxedo-Wearing Cat in Austin

Attending the pet blogging conference BlogPaws 2010 last week inspired us to work harder to make the world a better place for animals everywhere. On that note, we'll be participating in the BlogPaws "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" Week, which challenges organizations and individuals to pay attention to the would-be pets out there who may require a little more love, attention and understanding than the average photogenic kitten or puppy.

Our first featured pet is Lars, an adult cat with diabetes currently residing in Austin, TX. We found Lars by contacting Austin Pets Alive, a nonprofit volunteer organization devoted to making Austin a no-kill city.  If you live in the area or know someone who does, consider accepting the BlogPaws challenge by opening  your home to this adorable tuxedoed cat!  He's a very 'chill' cat, but does become animated around feeding time! And he really deserves a loving home - he's covered in scars from his time on the streets, though you wouldn't know it from his calm lap-cap personality.
Lars is a sweet, affectionate 8 year-old kitty and a "gentle giant" (he weighs around 17 pounds!) and, because of his diabetes, he requires insulin shots twice a day.  The shots are easy to give and can be given with his morning and evening meals, so if you're looking to care for a furry friend, Lars could make a great addition to your home! 

Interested in adopting Lars?  Drop us an email or contact Adoptions at Austin Pets Alive.


PetRelocation Team




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