After Work, We Play Games (About Work): PetRelocation Trivia Night

Booking flights, navigating country requirements, and talking to agents and clients around the world are activities all in a day's work for our dedicated Pet Relocation Specialists, and by now their heads are filled with so much knowledge that last week they decided to stage a friendly competition to see who in fact knows the most.

The first ever PetRelocation Trivia Extravaganza was organized by Specialists Tyler and Rebecca, and after a couple hours of heated pet transportation-themed face-offs, the night was deemed a great success. "It was so much fun," said Tyler. "The most memorable moment was listening to our agents voices from around the world and watching people try to figure out who was speaking."

Not only were players quizzed on import requirements, dog breeds, and country rules, they found themselves trying to decipher audio clips featuring our far-flung agents and even got to answer some fun bits of trivia, too.

Here are a few sample quiz questions:

-What are the exact dimensions of a size 200 kennel? (Answer: 27x20x19 inches)

-Name an international United hub. (Possible Answers: Guam, Narita)

-What is the name of the dog in The NeverEnding Story? (Answer: Falkor)

-What does CITES stand for? (Answer: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)

-How many total children do PetRelocation employees have? (Answer: 13)


Well done, pet shippers! Way to start off the year on a playfully productive note.


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