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Update: as of May 2018, United Airlines does not fly certain breeds including the American Staffordshire Terrier. For more detailed information on United's updated policy, read this blog post


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I'm super nervous about this... what are the guarantees that my dogs will be safe? How long will the trip take? Can you recommend any other companies if you can not accommodate my dates?




Hi Sonja,

Just about every pet owner we talk to is pretty nervous in the beginning stages of moving a pet. No one likes separating from their furry family members and dealing with a system that's unknown to them, but the good news is that, when the right steps are taken, pet travel can be very safe and streamlined.

Here are a few tips and bits of information that will help you on your way:

  • The domestic travel requirements for dogs are pretty simple, and you'll primarily just need to have them up-to-date on their rabies vaccines and secure a vet health certificate stating your dogs are healthy and fit to fly (as required by the airline).
  • Choose a pet-friendly airline -- we often use United for domestic flights because of their well-established PetSafe program.
  • Because it sounds like you're traveling with bigger dogs and they are Staffies, double check the crate requirements with the airline. United does require this breed to use a reinforced travel crate, and not all routes can accommodate oversize crates.
  • In the weeks before the move, it's important to help your dogs to get used to their travel crates if they are not already, talk to your vet about any health questions you have, keep them as fit as possible, and finally, before, during and after the flight they should be well-hydrated.


Think you'd like some assistance? we would be happy to discuss your move with you and tell you more about our door-to-door services. The length of the trip will depend on a few factors, but with a few more details one of our Specialists will be able to tell you more about your options and work to fit the move into your desired schedule.

Let us know, and either way, good luck with your trip!


Pet Transport Question Details:

Name: Sonja
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: American Staffordshire Terriers
From: Aberdeen, NC
To: Rio Rancho, NM


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