ALERT:  Stolen Dobermans from Rescue Organization

We just received this notice from the Pilot N Paws organization and thought we would pass it along:

At 3:30 am this morning, two men broke into one of our Pilots N Paws rescue members Doggie Care Center in Johnson City, TN. This is where our friend and fellow rescue person, Tammara Josselyn, keeps all the rescue animals she takes in, nurses back to health, and finds loving homes where they won't be in a dog crate.

Three of the dogs taken were personal pets. The men stole a total of 14 dogs...12 rescue dobermans in various stages of care, one lab, one minpin and one mixed breed though that one was located in the woods behind the center. One of the dobermans needs pancreas meds to be able to digest any food, one of the younger females was recovering from someone tossing her off a bridge, another dog has been blind since birth, and the list goes on.

Her niece lives in an apartment above the center and when the dogs would not stop barking, she came down to investigate. One of the men dropped the dog and came after her with a knife and cut her side. She is ok, just needed some sutures, but emotionally distraught.

Early in the day a man came in asking if she sold Dobermans. She told him no, this is a rescue and if he was interested, please fill out an adoption form. They believe he was casing the place.

Please spread the word to your friends, your pet friendly group lists, everywhere you can. Here is the email and phone contact for Canine Hope Rescue though please use discretion when contacting them as I imagine they are bing inundated with emails and phone calls.

Please contact Tammara at or call her 423 773 8113 immediately if you have any information or contacts who can assist. Tammara needs our help, she is devastated and only wants these dogs back. Through our vast network, I am hopeful we can do just that.


PetRelocation Team




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