All Experts Question:  Pet Travel to Thailand via Lebanon

Name: Joyce

Subject: Pet travel from to Thailand via Lebanon

Question: My work gives me the opportunity to travel each 6 months to a new country. I always travel with my 15 year old cat, and it's generally a great worry to prepare her papers.I hope you will be able to help me, this one is tricky:

I'm currently in Greece and soon relocating in Thailand, via a stop of 10 days in Lebanon. My cat has a European passport (I used to live in France) with up to date vaccines including rabies vaccine, a serology test, and a chip.

What are the necessary paperwork to be able to pet transport travel with my cat through those countries?

Thank you so much for your help, as no one has been able to give me any concrete answer.

Answer: Hello! In my professional opinion, because of all the import and export requirements, it would be easier and less stressful to ship your cat directly to Thailand from Greece. The reason you have not received a concrete answer yet is because moving your cat around so much through each country that has its own set of import and export requirements is something that is generally not advisable, especially when your cat's age is taken into account. For example, just for 10 days in Lebanon, for all intents and purposes that would basically amount to two separate moves- one to Lebanon from Greece and one from Lebanon to Thailand. That would put such additional stress on your cat, it is just really not a good idea. Your best option would be to leave your cat with friends or family in Greece, or even a boarding facility and then fly your cat to Thailand. We'd be happy to provide this service for you (all paperwork included) and arrange it around your 10 day stay in Lebanon. For a price quote, e-mail our Asia specialist, Marcus, at Marcus @ petrelocation . com.


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