AllExperts Question:  Moving a dog to Portugal

Name: Elaine

Subject: Bringing our dog in from Cape Verde to Portugal

Question: Please can you let me know the process for bringing in our puppy from Cape Verde to Portugal? Avoiding pet travel quarantine if possible. Thanks

Answer: Hello Elaine!

Here are the import requirements for entering an EU country. If you follow these, there should not be any quarantine time, otherwise, there will be a three month quarantine.

Import Requirements for Dogs and Cats Entering an EU Country:

1) Your dog needs to be microchipped, then

2) Rabies vaccination, then wait for 30 days, then

3) Blood sample taken by an official veterinarian at least 30 days after vaccination and 3 months before traveling.

4) Blood test result from an EU-approved laboratory showing that the rabies antibody titre was equal to or more than 0.5IU/ml (Onderstepoort in Pretoria has been approved). See link for more information:

5) The result of the test need to be accompanied by a health certificate issued by an official veterinarian certifying compliance with the above requirements and counter signed by the State vet.


Your dog shall be identified by an electronic identification system (transponder), or by a clearly readable tattoo. The tattoo, as a means of identification will only be accepted during an eight-year transitional period. The microchip must be of ISO Standard 11784 or ISO Standard 11785.

*Please note that each EU country has its own health certificate. Please speak to your consultant and ask him/her to provide you with the correct one.

For more information, please check out our website at: /country-portugal.html

This is a service we could absolutely provide to you, our company handles the complete door-to-door move. Matt Johnson handles all our moves to Portugal and he would be happy to give you a price quote or more information. His email address is mathews @ petrelocation. com. Thanks Elaine, hope this helps!


PetRelocation Team




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