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I am currently sending two puppies (14 weeks) in a kennel to Jakarta from Toronto, Ontario. The pups will arrive in Toronto Sunday Sept. 2nd from Saskatoon and now they are booked to fly from Toronto to Jakarta [on] Tuesday sept. 4th and arrive in Jakarta the 6th. Indonesia has just changed their importing laws, and says dogs from Canada (non-rabies free) cannot enter I think on the 6th of Sept. What should I do, do you know much about this?

Hi C.,

You should try to see if you can move their flight up a day so they arrive in Jakarta on the 5th of September. The rule goes into effect on the 6th of September, which means if your puppies arrive on the 6th they will have to quarantine for 6 months.

This link explains the rest of the details quite well.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Good luck!

Happy travels & wagging tails,
Rachel Farris


PetRelocation Team




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