AllExperts Question: Shipping Animals from India to Florida

Name: Aarthi

Subject: Shipping animals from India to Florida

Question: Hi, I want to take my 5 yr old Alsatian dog from India to Florida. Please suggest me the best way to do it so that it s safe for him as well as economic...I am planning to fly to the US by November and my husband is already there in Florida. so it is okay if I need to take him with me in the same flight or send him alone as cargo. Please suggest which is the best way since this is my first international relocation. Thanks a lot in advance for your time and patience to help me out.

Answer: Hello! I'd suggest contacting Lufthansa Airlines. They have an excellent pet-safe policy. Chances are your dog would be flying as cargo, the cargo section is a perfectly safe and dimly lit area that would actually be less stressful than the cabin area where your dog would be smelling strange smells, hearing loud noises such as the beverage cart bang up and down the aisle, etc. Have you begun filling out the import requirements? Your dog will need a current health certificate and vaccines. For information on the import requirements into the US please visit: /country-usa.html. Also, we'd be happy to assist you with this, our services cover the complete door-to-door move. For a price estimate, please contact Marcus at Marcus @ petrelocation . com, he is our specialist who handles all our moves to and from India.


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