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Question: Thank you in advance for your help! I am soon to become a new owner of an 8 week old Chihuahua pup. I will be traveling (8hrs. by car or 1 hr. flight) to bring my baby home. My question is if it is safe for such a young pup to endure the flight or am I better off with the longer car ride. Thank you so much!

Answer: Hi T.

Thanks for your email. Your puppy could most certainly be carried on to the airplane and endure the 1 hour flight in the cabin. I would say that probably flying under the plane as accompanied baggage or as cargo would be a bit overwhelming for a small puppy and would do better in a car ride. So if you are flying an airline that allows pets in the cabin, you could take the puppy in a mesh carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you, and take your puppy with you. Be sure to reserve a spot when you make your flight booking, as most airlines only allow 1-2 pets in the cabin on each flight.
As always, you will need a health certificate from your vet certifying that your dog is healthy to fly. This needs to be done within 7-10 days of the flight date.

Good luck!

Happy travels & wagging tails!
Rachel Farris

T. writes back: Rachel- Thank you so much for helping me. I feel more at ease choosing to fly with him (cabin of course) knowing I won't damage the little guy!


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