AllExperts Question:  Traveling to Turkey through Germany with a Dog

Name: Bonnie

Subject: Pet traveling through Germany

Question: I'm traveling with my Pomeranian from US to Izmir, Turkey, but must go through Munich Germany, we will only spend a few hours in Germany, changing planes, what are the German requirements for dogs passing through? Is there any quarantine required?

Answer: Hello Bonnie!

If you're just going to be passing through Germany and not going to be leaving the airport, you do not need anything and there is no quarantine time. All you need is the import requirements for Turkey. For more information on the requirements for Turkey, please check out our website: /petrules-97.html.

We could absolutely provide this service for you, Scotty handles all our moves to Turkey, his email address is Scotty @ petrelocation . com, please feel free to contact him for a price quote or for more information. Hope this helps!


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