AllExperts Question:  Traveling with a cat by car?

Name: Aarti

Subject: Pet Traveling with a cat by car

Question: Hi,

I have a 6 hour drive from the airport to my hometown and I have my little kitten with me. She hates being in the car for more than 5 minutes! Can I buy one of those short leashes that can be attached to the seat belt lock and let her out of her carrier? She might prefer being outside of the carrier. Or no? Also, should I get one of those calming sprays etc to calm her down. She'll be on a plane with me for about 16 hours, with a short layover. I don't want her to get too stressed out since its such a long trip.

Answer: Hello Aarti!

I wouldn't suggest the leash idea, if she really hates the car that much, she will probably be all over the place and being attached to a leash could cause injury. The safest way would be to just leave her in her crate, while she may hate it, it will keep her from potentially hurting you, damaging your car, or hurting herself. She should be just fine in the crate for the duration of the trip, just attach water dishes to the front of her crate and make sure she always has plenty of water. Hope this helps and have a good trip!


PetRelocation Team




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