Animals in Holland, Amsterdam!

Holland is in the central-western part of the Netherlands with a population of 6.1 million people. Holland is a former county of the Holy Roman Empire, ruled by the Count of Holland, and later became a very significant province of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces. The cities of Holland are epitome of beauty. Be it Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam, travelers who rush mesmerized to these beauties and enjoy the beaches.

Holland is also the land of diverse flora and fauna. In fact, Holland Lop rabbit is one of the rare and most sort after animal. Many houses in the countryside keep them as pets in their fields. One of the important city of Holland, Amsterdam, houses many such rare species and Amsterdam is also great historical centre with lots of Museums and Research centers. Every June, There is a Holland festival, celebrating the spirit of Holland with theater, music, opera and modern dance.

The Holland government follows the European Union rules regarding bringing pets inside Holland, particularly to cats & dogs. Every pet coming to Holland should have a pet passportÓ”, which they call dierenpaspoort, from the veterinarian. It is a certificate of health which also confirms that the pet is immunized against rabies. The vaccine must be given to the pets within 21 days before departure. The pet should also be micro chipped (electronically identified). So if the pet is small and is not fit, it is suggested not to contemplate over the microchip deal. The non-compliance of these may result in quarantine treatment for your pets.

If you own some other species of pets and then the regulations are very stringent. Especially the birds, parakeets are usually discouraged as there is always a threat of avian flu. Even if you fulfill all the regulations, the quarantine of birds, monkeys, foxes etc are inevitable.

Once you are in pet friendly Holland, and your pets dog or cat has been allowed to enjoy the Dutch beauty with you, your pet is solely your responsibility. The droppings must be cleaned up by you. If you are planning to stay in Holland for a long time, then your pet must be registered in the local town hall (Gemeente) and you are also required to pay the annual tax in advance. If you are planning to leave the dog, and go for an outing, you have to inform the local veterinarian and inform him/her about the immunization.


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