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We usually do not post all our testimonials on our blog, however this is a two part issue - not only praising us on our great work in moving their dog to Italy - but our customer also brings up a great question on the transportation of pets amongst other EU member countries. Below is the testimonial, the question and our answer!


Thanks for your recent e-mail. I'm pleased to say that our dog has settled in well to her new home here in Italy.

We were very impressed by the service that provided. We dropped our dog, Amie, off at the boarding kennels in America - where she has stayed numerous times in the past. Our family then flew to Italy the next day, settled ourselves into our rented apartment and acclimatised ourselves to our new surroundings. Amie spent a week in the kennels, before being collected by your staff and delivered to us at our new home in Italy. The whole process was very smooth and I would thoroughly recommend the service to anyone planning an international move. Also, allowing Amie to spend some time in her kennels gave us (especially our two young children) some much needed time to get our bearings in a new country, recover from jet-lag, and move from airport to hotel to apartment without a dog in

Thank you,, for providing us with such a great service!

On another note, I was planning to get in touch with anyway, to ask for some additional information regarding traveling with dogs in Europe. We live very near the Swiss border, and want to know what documentation we need to travel from country to country, with a dog, within mainland Europe. Also, I would like to know the process for taking a dog to England where our extended family live.

Our Answer: We recommend that you get an EU Pet Passport for Amie. You can get his from any government accredited veterinarian in the EU. The passport contains all vaccine types and dates, health issues, microchip numbers, etc.... Essentially everything needed for the legal travel of Amie will be in this passport.

The UK imposes a six month quarantine for all live animals entering the country. However, as long as you apply for the EU Pet Passport and have the required Rabies Titer Test done six months before departure, Amie will be able to enter the UK avoiding quarantine all together!

Happy Travels!


PetRelocation Team




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