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I'm back with another question about pet travel. We purchased a French bulldog, adorable by the way, and I would like to know what is the best way to get him home. He has his pet passport all filled out and gets his last booster on the 15th of July. He is almost 4 months old and will be five months old when we travel to the US. We will be leaving from Paris, stopping in England and then to Chicago, and finally to end in Salt Lake City UT. I understand about the confinement agreement for 30 days and will be getting the papers ready to go to the veterinarian the next time we visit. So Now for the questions. We are thinking of one of 2 things... Send him home at the very end of July to my father-in-laws, who is a veterinarian, and then traveling though Europe and reuniting with him on the 21st of August when we get home...or.... having a friend watch him for the time that we are gone and then taking him with us on the long flight home. What are the advantages of both sides? What do you suggest?

Thank you again so much for all of your help and expert advice.



Hi B.,

It kind of depends. Is your father in law in Salt Lake? If so, then you probably could send your bulldog to him now. However if your father in law is somewhere else, you would just be adding more travel for your bull dog (because you'd have to send him from your father in law's to your Salt Lake house when you got home).
However, I would say that if you can leave him in Europe as long as possible, you are probably better off sending him in the fall when it might be cooler.

Good luck to you!

Happy travels & wagging tails!

Rachel Farris


PetRelocation Team




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