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Imagine the scenario: you have three leather couches, the contents of a wine cellar and two paintings you need to move from Athens, Greece to San Francisco. Suddenly, your client calls and says, One other thing how are we going to get our Labrador retriever, two box turtles and guinea pig to our new home?֔ Know how  and who you can turn to in order to respond to this important request.

Relocation assistance designed specifically for pets is in high demand among the top relocation companies these days.The understanding that clients are more concerned about the welfare of their pet than the handling of their couch is at the forefront of a relocation specialist֒s mind.But not all pet relocation agencies are created equal.Finding one tailor-made for the corporate client will ensure an uncomplicated relocation.Convenience, safety and reliability are key elements required in any successful pet move.Not only will choosing the right company affect your clients experience with their pet, it will also reflect nicely on your own business.

Taking the bite out of pet relocation

Convenience serves two people: the relocation agent and the client. When it comes time to arrange a pet relocation carrier, the agent should be able to rely on the pet relocation company to fulfill any request, no matter how hard it may be. specializes in moves that others might shy away from Җ such as fourteen horses transported to Latin America, or beloved pet turtles safely dispatched to Canada.Their agents are well versed in various exotic pets and have experienced resources specializing in avian, equine, and marine animals. With their network of agents located worldwide, has yet to encounter a location too remote or a timeline too tight. Domestic moves can be arranged with as little as a weeks notice and international moves, when import and export regulations allow, take about thirty days.Our fast turnaround time can be a big advantage for those last-minute jobs that so often come up.

Our clients needs are met as well.Ҡ works with clients to ensure every last detail is taken care of from how to prepare a dog for the time he will spend in his crate during travel, to arranging boarding and pet sitting upon arrival in their new destination.֠ When a client is working with a pet relocation consultant, they have a single point of contact for their entire move. This ensures individualized attention between the relocation company and client. PetRelocation.coms world-class customer service also provides a positive, effortless experience for a client who is already dealing with a stressful situation.

ғTreat every pet as if it were our own!

The thought weighing most heavily on any pet loverԒs mind when it comes time to fly their pet is Will they be safe?ӔAnother important reason to trust the specialists is their extensive knowledge on the safest ways to fly pets under the circumstances of varying temperatures, aircraft, and airlines. has worked with airlines to develop programs to make them more pet-friendly. Many of the fears surrounding pet transportation stem from owners putting pets on planes without knowing the correct ways to prepare their animals, or the correct aircraft for their precious cargo. And while airlines do their best to prevent these mishaps, for the most part, air carriers are still set up primarily to ship just luggage. Choosing the wrong airline can cause a grave mistake. has an extensive successful track record of the hundreds of happy-tailed customers they ship each year. One client was concerned about her cat not liking the crate she would travel in.After the cats arrival in Dubai, the client wrote to saying ғThank you so much! My cat loves her crate so much, she sleeps in it every night now!

A new client is always given a detailed explanation of the process of flying pets. Any of their concerns are addressed, and oftentimes the relocation specialist will offer suggestions as to how the pet can be best prepared for the big day of travel. After an unhurried conversation with a specialist at, most clients are at ease with the process and feel comfortable entrusting their pets to the care of the experts.Our specialists are pet owners themselves, and understand fully the emotional bond between owner and pet. Establishing trust and sharing the common experience of pet ownership allows the specialist to provide the client with a worry-free experience, every pet, every time.

High Standards

When working in a global industry, knowing up-to-date information regarding import and export requirements is key. Many owners feel overwhelmed when they first hear that their pets must go into quarantine or receive numerous tests before departing for their new home. This only adds to the already stressful experience and without a pet relocation agent, they are oftentimes left in a haze of confusion over regulations and requirements. Thankfully, with a company like, a country-specific agent can answer all of the clients questions in one single phone call.

PetRelocation agents are specialists in different regions of the world, and develop species-specific knowledge to handle some of the more challenging animals.This ensures that each relocation is tailored to the clients needs and guarantees that the client speaks with an agent who is aware of the latest requirements for their assigned countries.

One former client, Becky Freely, found herself buried in paperwork and documents when she started the process of trying to relocate her three-year-old Golden Retriever to Milan, Italy.

ғI didnt know what to do next!Ҕ She explained.I was paralyzed by the daunting challenge of moving my dog.Thank goodness for PetRelocation!Ӕ

Upon initial consultation with a new client, the client will receive an informative Welcome Packet explaining the process.Included in the packet are country-specific forms and checklists to assist the owner in collecting the correct documents from their vet.Just having easy to understand guidelines and someone to answer questions can be a tremendous relief.As soon as I had the checklist for what I needed, I felt so much better,Ӕ Freely said.

Next Time, Call A Professional First

Theres no need to worry when your client suddenly mentions that they also will need their pets moved.Hiring a qualified company like will ultimately save you time and money in your clientҒs relocation.You will no longer have to worry abut making eight different phone calls in order to find out what sort of shots a dog will need to come into the United States. With a professional pet relocation company, the process will be simple, safe and reliable.


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