Apache and Lakota: Relocating Wolf-Hybrids from Oregon to Texas

We mentioned this move the other day in our post about the Bolivian circus lions, but today we got some pictures of these very special wolf hybrids and wanted to share them with you.
Our Domestic relocation specialist, Derrik, recently oversaw the move of two wolf hybrids from Oregon to a wolf sanctuary in Montgomery, Texas.
The St. Francis Sanctuary is a dedicated nonprofit group that provides a permanent home for captive-born and wild wolves whose owners are no longer able to care for them.  Apache and Lakota are two of those wolves who are now able to enjoy the rest of their lives in their natural habitat with other wolves.
We were contacted near the end of April by the St. Francis Sanctuary, who needed our help in moving these two twelve year-old wolf-hybrids from they sanctuary they were at in Oregon that was closing.  The St. Francis Sanctuary wanted to make sure the wolves were securely and of course safely transported, and were concerned about their wolves’ stress levels initially. 
Derrik talked to them a bit about our exotic animal transportation services and how we are able to keep pets in climate-controlled, secure conditions when they are on and off the planes.  We also helped them find the correct size airline pet carriers so the wolves would be comfortable during their trip.
Lots of paperwork, one flight and a few months later, these guys are now safely in Texas.  Here are some great pictures of them being delivered and released into their new home.

Wolves in airline pet carriers being delivered
PetRelocation provides exotic animal transportation services
Relocating exotic animals to a sanctuaryThe wolves stepping out of their airline pet carriersPetRelocation helped safely move wolves


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