Are Pit Bulls Banned in Italy?

Pet Travel Question: Breed Bans in Italy

Moving Pit bulls to Italy Hi PetRelocation,

Do you know if Pit Bulls are allowed in Italy? Some European countries ban the breed and we're moving for a military assignment.

Thank you,



Hi Lauren,

Great question! You're correct that various European countries have breed bans, so it's smart to research carefully ahead of time to avoid problems. To our knowledge, Italy does not ban the import of Pit Bulls.

If you'd like to double check this or anything else, we always recommend referencing your country of import's official government website -- here is Italy's -- as well as our overview of Italy pet transport rules (which are geared towards pets arriving from the United States).

Finally, we recently updated our eBook and encourage you to check it out. This guide offers an overview of the pet transport process and you can learn about pet travel crates, airline procedures and more.

Hopefully this helps get you started! Just let us know if you'd like to find out about our door-to-door services, and good luck with everything.


Name: Lauren

Pet: Dog, Pit Bull

From: Georgia, United States

To: Italy


PetRelocation Team


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