“As good as it gets, a great outcome!”

Brownie who moved to Indonesia


Just wanted to confirm that we did receive Brownie last night at about 7:00pm. I am aware that there are a lot of complexities at this end that could have delayed matters but we are very happy with the results just 4 days door to door. That is about as good as it gets, a great outcome!

Duri is not your typical big city on the map type of relocation destination, it is probably one of the most remote places that you had to relocate a pet too. Great job to both your organization and Groovy pets.

Brownie is in very good spirits and health, I believe having him kennel trained plus all his past travels helped out. He obviously had not had a chance to go outside of his kennel all day yesterday while in Jakarta and traveling because when we received him he was bursting at the seams and he had to go take care of business. Being kennel trained means that he will not soil within the kennel but all worked out in the end. His kennel door was tied shut with zip ties so that there was no chance that an airline worker would cut him loose, a great best practice we had not thought about that.

Overall we are very happy with your organization and Groovy Pets at this end. I work in a very mobile type of job and have heard lot's of pet move horror stories. As a matter of fact there are some pets that were slatt=ed to come to Duri from Houston and their owners are here but the animals whom had been picked up are still on hold at the Houston airport and nobody is answering the phone.  I recognized that this process is all about the people you deal with, and your organization has lived up to your reputation of doing a good job. We will recommend your organization to our colleagues. We will try to send some pictures when we get a chance. Many thanks for a great job in getting Brownie here from all of our family.

All the Best,


1 dog, US to Duri, Indonesia


PetRelocation Team




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