Ask the Experts:  Traveling with pets from the UK to Greece (and back!)

Name: Tamara A.
Moving From: London
Moving To: Athens
Question: Hello, I am not actually moving, but just visiting Greece for about 1 month, and then returning to the UK with my dog. Do I need to complete all the same vaccinations and USDA approvals for this? Or what is it that I must do? Thank you, Tamara A.

Thanks for your question Tamara!  The USDA process is only for the United States -- were you living in the United States, you would need to arrange that paperwork but the UK is different.  However you will need a pet passport from the UK in order to depart and return to the UK while avoiding quarantine.  In other words, you will need to comply with the Pet Travel Scheme.

Regarding the process for import into Greece, you will need to get a health certificate issued by the government vet in the UK.   This will need to be done the week prior to travel.


PetRelocation Team




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