August Pet Move of the Month: Scout and Butternut

We're excited to announce the August Pet Move of the Month.  Scout and Butternut moved from South Lyon, Michigan to Chennai, India and their owner, Clay, was excited to share their story with us.

Name: Clay
Pets' Names: Scout and Butternut
From: South Lyon, Michigan
To: Chennai, India

We were excited about this move but I was worried about how the boys would make the long trip. handled every detail perfectly and made sure Scout and Butternut made it to their new home safely. Now they have a new house to explore and little lizards to chase. They love talking to the myna birds that stop by every morning to say hi. Scout and Butternut say "Namaste." Thank You!

Why did you chose
Before deciding to undertake our move I had to be sure my cats would be safe on the move. After checking out the various options, was the obvious choice. They answered all of my research questions promptly and thoroughly. After my interview with I knew we could make the move.

What were some of your initial concerns about moving internationally?
Getting the cats through customs in a foreign country without any hang ups was one of my biggest concerns. We couldn't tolerate any problems and have the cats end up in quarantine. managed the very complicated process of getting the cats cleared ahead of time. When they landed after their long trip they sailed through customs without a hitch.

What was something that you learned about moving pets that you didn’t know before you started the process with us?
I didn't know that Lufthansa is the most pet friendly airline available. They have a one-of-a-kind in the world pet lounge in Frankfurt where the animals are taken off the plane between connecting flights and boarded in a dedicated building with veternarians onsite. They are taken out of their crates and put in their own enclosure so they can relax. explained all of this to me and it made me feel much better about the long trip the cats had to take.

How your cats are doing now?
Butternut and Scout are doing great. They have settled right into their new home. It took them a few days to adjust but they're up to their old tricks again and have found every good sleeping spot in the house already.

What is life in India is like with pets
The boys have a completely different environment to explore now which is great. There are little lizards in the house for them to chase and there are so many different birds outside for them to watch. There is a lack of quality pet food here so we had to bring a three year supply with us. It was a very unusual experience purchasing and packing that much cat food. The boys used to compete for space on the heater vents during the winter in Michigan. They won't have to do that here in southern India! There is plenty of heat to go around all year.


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